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Large format 3D 3D spray painting landscape 3D painting HD 4D drawing grating 3D painting manufacturer 3D personalized customization personalized stereoscopic painting customization, you only need to provide the plane pictures you want to customize (advertisement, landscape, characters, landscape pictures can be used), and it must be clear Otherwise, the stereo effect is not ideal. According to the customized quantity and specification, we distinguish two types of material production:

1. Printing stereogram: large quantity, small size, delicate picture and close viewing are recommended to be made by printing. The advantage is that the cost of single sheet is low, the color of finished product is full, and it is very delicate and realistic.

2. Panel stereogram: small quantity, large size, suitable for viewing 1 meter away, suggested by customers who have strong requirements for stereoscopic feeling.

Customization of three-dimensional painting

The three elements of stereogram production: 3D software, printer and grating material.

3D drawing software. The commonly used software is psdto3d software. It is easy to operate, has complete functions and high precision. 99% of stereo users are using it. The software is independently developed by our company and has applied for software certificate. See the figure below.

A printer or printer. Only high quality and high precision printer can guarantee the clarity of stereogram. Our company's printer is imported Aussie UV flat-panel printer, the maximum printing format is 2m * 3M, its physical accuracy is up to 1100dpi, and the repeated printing accuracy is 0.01mm. It can ensure strong three-dimensional sense, clear picture and no shadow. The accuracy of general flat-panel printer is only 360600dpi. Such as Epson, Canon, etc.

Grating. It is rolled by imported optical mould, with clear focus, uniform line and smooth material. In addition, the price is very cheap. You can shop around.

We have 18 years of experience in stereo painting. Independent development of three-dimensional drawing software, consumables using high-quality grating plate, and imported Aussie UV flat-panel printer production. High precision, clear picture without shadow. The picture design speed is fast, the delivery speed is fast.

Customize and change the painting, start from single sheet.

The left is the husband and the right is the wife. When people are walking around, watch this painting, and it will take turns to switch pictures. I become you, you become me again. It is vivid, interesting and meaningful. Pictures can be husband and wife, parents, father and son, mother and son, can be two to three, linked photos into one. It shows that husband and wife are one. Father and son are of one mind.

Core size: 30 * 40 cm, 50 * 70 cm, etc.

Core thickness: 2mm / 3mm / 4mm.

The solid wood frame needs to be provided separately, and the light box needs to be provided separately. The Lightbox mode needs to be printed twice, so it needs to increase the printing cost by 10%.

Ordinary packing. Postage is not included

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